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By outsourcing your computer consulting needs, you’ll experience a higher quality and larger skill set than you’d get from a full-time employee, without the overhead of paid time off and benefits. You’ll also get better communication and reliability than “one man shop” companies.  Even large, expensive firms fall short of understanding the unique types of computer consulting Andover businesses want. With our computer consulting and IT support services, you’ll get personalized attention and won’t waste time having to re-explain the situation to a different employee every call. Our experienced computer consultants can solve your most complex network issues. No middle man, automated phone systems, or hassles. It’s the best of both worlds.

Scheduled  Proactive Maintenance

Regular network maintenance ensures system stability and user productivity. We can perform many of these tasks both onsite in Andover or remotely for satellite offices.

  • Network Diagnostics
  • Data Backup Checking
  • Hardware Repairs
  • Server Management
  • Application Support
  • Software Upgrades
  • Firewall Protection, Anti-virus & Spam

Unscheduled Computer & Network Troubleshooting

Unfortunately, even well-maintained networks occasionally have problems that require a network tech expert to fix the issue. Rapid response is critical when it comes to network emergencies and server issues that impact productivity & affect your bottom line. Our convenient new location in Andover, CT means we can have a qualified network tech at your office within 2 hours. And our 24/7 support ensures that we’re here to help resolve new issues when you need it most. Call us now to schedule an appointment!

Server Solutions

Server Solutions for Andover CT - Maintain network quickly and efficiently.We’re vendor-neutral when it comes to server solutions for Andover, CT. Migration and consolidation of old file servers is a necessary burden for most companies in order to reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO). Proper server installation or migration is crucial for efficient storage management and backup. If the new or migrated server is mismanaged, serious problems such as data loss can occur. Get the job done correctly the first time and you’ll avoid additional expenses to restore documents or other software. Our computer consulting Andover team is highly trained in WindowsMac and Linux servers. No matter what your platform or hardware, you can count on us to install or maintain your Andover CT network quickly and efficiently.

As the top firm for computer consulting Andover companies, we strongly recommend that you maintain regular data backups, as well as onsite and remote coverage for your new server. Our Microsoft Certified Systems Engineers can solve any issue 24/7, whether you need computer consulting in Andover, CT or elsewhere in Connecticut.

Disaster Recovery

Stuff happens. But you can minimize down time by being prepared!  It takes a knowledgeable and experienced computer consulting team to design and implement a Business Continuity Plan and Disaster Recovery Plan. In addition to backing up your data, these plans ensure that the backed up data will be available onsite in Andover, CT or remotely in case of a network server crash, hardware failure, or virus.

Office Relocation

Andover CT Office RelocationWhether you are moving your company’s technology to or from Andover, proper planning is critical. Purchasing the right equipment is important, but that’s only the first step. Inadequate setup strategy can cause all kinds of unforeseen problems and tack on additional costs. We understand that even a small office move can be a daunting task for current staff. Obviously, your team is already busy managing day-to-day functions. That’s why our technology relocation management team provides the opportunity to supplement your current staff with IT professionals. We will work to minimize technology disruptions before, during and after your move.  Let us help you create a Technology Relocation Plan that is both cost-effective and matches your unique needs. We have reliable industry contacts in and around Andover, CT. Our trusted connections ensure you will get the best quotes from vendors with established track records.


Call +1 (860) 269-4TECH to discuss how we can assist with the relocation of your office. We are proud to offer the computer consulting Andover needs for seamless transitions and minimal technology disruptions.

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