Clients of Hartford Tech Support

Small and Medium Businesses

Hartford Tech Support provides all of the functions and stability of a Fortune 500 IT department in a single outsourced service.

We cater to small and medium sized business that either do not want an IT department, or want to reduce the overall costs of day-to-day work. External IT provides on-site part-time or full-time personnel to address any and all technology-related issues without the overhead of health benefits, worker’s comp and paid vacation of an in-house employee

Call or request support after-hours and you’ll get a live person immediately. We can troubleshoot your connections, help you with an application error or answer any other type of IT question.

Law Firms

Law firm technology & application support is unique. Downtime is not an option.

That’s why Hartford Tech Support is the IT partner of choice for many law firms due to our expert legal experience and rapid response. Providing 24/7 IT solutions to firms in Connecticut for over 10 years, Hartford Tech Support has an in-depth understanding of law firm culture and expectations. Our knowledge of the technologies and applications used in business, real estate, maritime, intellectual property, and many other legal fields is unparalleled. We can assist with determining what type of document management, case management or data archiving solutions would best meet your needs.

Schedule a meeting today to discuss your firm’s technology environment and possible improvements and support cost savings.


Hartford Tech Support provides Non-Profits with IT solutions so you don’t have to lose time looking for and evaluating various vendors.

Non-Profit computer network management is very different from a corporate environment. Luckily, software, hardware and many services can be procured considerably cheaper through channels provided specifically for Non-Profit organizations. It is Hartford Tech Support’s mission to create and provide Non-Profits with the resources they need to realize their goals and objectives.

Since our founding in 2001, we have proudly assisted dozens of humanitarian-driven causes in Hartford, Connecticut and throughout New England. Professionally installed and custom tailored to your NPO, Hartford Tech Support designs and supports your network so you can focus on the cause for which your Non-Profit was created.

Non-Profit Resource Procurement Specialist

All members of the Hartford Tech Support team are well-trained in network and computer support. However, due to the specific needs in the Non-Profit field, we have a Non-Profit Resource Procurement Specialist (NPRPS) on staff that will work with you.

The NPRPS has been working with organizations such as yours for over 10 years, and can use many of the tools and tricks learned in his experience to procure hardware, software, and services at significantly discounted prices. It is also the NPRPS’s responsibility to keep up-to-date on the latest Non-Profit technology news, events and offerings to better serve your needs.

Let Hartford Tech Support’s NPRPS assist you in creating a list of resources, grants, and companies that may benefit your Non-Profit.

Call us at 203-552-2144, or Email Us to see how Hartford Tech Support can assist your company.