Hartford Tech Support vs. Traditional MSP

Get the Most Out of Outsourcing

Your employees cannot work if your technology is not working. Many small businesses still hire a dedicated IT employee, but that’s not always the best answer. Moving away from the in-house employee model and outsourcing your onsite IT support can help cut out the overhead of employee benefits and paid time off.

The MSP Model

One increasingly common outsourcing option is hiring a managed service provider (MSP). While you’ll cut back on employee overhead, but you might find yourself paying in other ways. Be aware that MSPs come with their own set of pros and cons. As you should expect, most providers will perform periodic visits for proactive maintenance. A large MSP will have the workforce to send different technicians with expertise in very specific areas. However, an MSP’s lack of physical presence and familiarity with your network, combined with sky-high costs and relatively limited scope might not make them the best fit for all offices.

We Eliminate the Negatives

As an alternative to hiring a managed service provider, our model offers a new, fully customizable outsourced IT solution that combines the best of both the traditional IT employee role and that of an MSP. A dedicated full or part-time IT manager can work onsite to address any and all technology-related issues, whether it’s a desktop user issue, server maintenance, or planning for major network changes or upgrades. It’s just like having an in-house IT guy, but with a wider skill set. Inevitably, any tech will need a couple of sick days or go on vacation. But with Hartford Tech Support, you’ll always have a designated backup tech to cover the time off or help with IT projects that just require an extra pair of hands!